Wastewater Pumps EOA | EOSA

Prozess-Pumpen EO/EOS

The ideal pump for the economical transport of wastewater and fluids with high solids, fibrous and gas content.


  • Untreated wastewater (raw sewage)
  • Intermediate pumping stations
  • Secondary sludge
  • Activated sludge, recirculated sludge
  • Stabilised digested sludge
  • Highly fibrous sludge
  • Industrial wastewater


  • Self-cleaning impeller and casing profile for wastewater pumping without clogging
  • 2-channel EOA series for the discharge of large quantities of untreated wastewater from 120 l/s
  • EOSA series with 3 impellers optimised for all types of sludges

Facts & Figures

Nominal dimensions:   DN 80 - 400 mm
  3 - 16"
Flow rate: up to 1100 l/s
  15850 US gpm
Differential head: up to 140 m, 460 ft
Pressure: up to 16 bar / 323 psi
Temperature: up to 120 °C / 250 °F


  • Low energy costs
  • Self-cleaning impeller profile
  • Constant delivery rate
  • Long service life and low life cycle costs (LCC)
  • High suction capability
  • Pumping liquids with high gas content
  • Economic storage, thanks to the Egger modular system
Wastewater Pumps EOA / EOSA
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