Zone 0 Pump

Zone 0 Pump
Egger submerged sump pumps can be used in all explosion endangered zones. Together with PTB in Braunschweig, Egger has developed a safety concept specifically designed for Zone 0 explosion risks. It enables applications to be used in Zone 0 with medium temperatures up to 150 °C. Since 2000, Egger owns a valid Type Examination certificate and can rely on many years of experience in the use of submerged sump pumps in Zone 0 explosion-risk environments.


  • Drainage of tank pits
  • Safety tanks
  • Storage tanks
  • API separators


  • Surface water
  • Petrochemical process waste water
  • Inflammable liquids


  • No bearings in the pumped liquid
  • Suited for fluids containing solid particles
  • Submerged lengths of up to 10 meters possible
  • Tight pit cover to the atmosphere available